Friday, February 5, 2010


Technorati, is a tool that was very intriguing to me. What I found to be most interesting to me was when I typed in the key word "Health" in the blog posts. I discovered many blogs the are specifically pertaining to "Health", and many avenues that address different information. I can see how this will be beneficial, as an instructor at a junior college. I can potentially use Technorati, as a learning data base for my students. To give you an example, I would have students visit Technorati once a week and have them explore a topic relating to "Health". By having students discover interesting topics throughout the duration of the week, they will acquire a more in-depth understanding of the many ways they can stay healthy, and up to date with the latest information on living a healthy life style. In addition, I can also see myself visiting this site for the same purposes.

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