Friday, February 5, 2010

Blog Post-You tube

You Tube is by far one of my most favorite sites to visit. I can find so much information on this site. From pointless information (like my last You Tube Post) to more innovated information I can use to get the most potential out of my athletes. Like the video seen here.

In the coaching aspect, You Tube can be a valuable tool in demonstrating the importance to proper mechanics to prevent injuries, and a whole list of other problems that can destroy an athlete’s career prematurely. I provided this pitching video of Phillidephia Phillies pitcher “Cole Hamels” to teach my pitchers the basic "Three Laws of Pitching" to be more consistent at throwing strikes, repeating pitches, etc.

I can see You Tube as a future component in the school setting. Currently, I intern in the physical education department at a local junior college. In a few of the classes that I help out in, I see many students who need help with their form (ex: tennis serve, proper weight lifting form, etc) You Tube can provide an added visualization in helping students correct the techniques they are having problems with. With students having another means of seeing how a specific form or technique is performed by a professional other then the instructor, this will give them more of an added opportunity to succeed in the task that needs to be performed

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  1. Great explanation and video choice for this assignment.