Friday, December 17, 2010

Personal Learning Experience-Week 4 (Voice Thread)

I have to admit that with all the technology I have explored over the last couple of weeks, I have had my fair share of frustrations. I have been confused, lost, not sure what I was supposed to do exactly, but when it was all said and done I'm so glad I pressed on with the determination of learning about a variety of advanced technologies!

For my personal learning experience this week I want to share my voice thread, I have incorporated into my lesson plan. This voice thread is brief, as it discusses the criteria for student's Issue Debate Papers. It is broken into shorts segments explaining components of what each student's paper should address, why they choose a particular side to the issue, and explain why their assigned scenario is even an "issue".

I thought that by doing a voice thread, this will be effective for students to fully understand how I would like their papers. I also have provided a sample Issue Debate Paper for students to follow as a guideline as to what I'm looking for. I had this same experience (voice thread) as an undergraduate student which worked well for me and my fellow classmates, and wanted to provide the same opportunity for my current students to maximize their learning.

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