Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lesson Plan Draft

Sample Lesson Plan

Course: Values in Kinesiology and Sport

Learning Objectives: At the completion of this lesson, the student should be able to demonstrate:

• A clear understanding of their personal philosophy of life, physical education, athletic training, other kinesiology disciplines’ and athletics.

• The ability to morally reason and act according to the standards, principles and values that are expected of the student in a professional setting.

• The ability to effectively analyze situations that call for ethic reasoning and consequently morally correct actions as they relate to sport.

Activity: Students’ response to Scenarios:
   Every kinesiology undergraduate student should not only be aware of the moral issues that present themselves to our profession, but each student should be able to creatively solve those issues as they relate to one’s philosophical position. Therefore, critical issues that require moral reasoning in our discipline are being presented to all students as real life scenarios. Students will be required to give a written response to various moral positions papers written by former students. One scenario will be assigned to each student. The student is then responsible to examine the scenario and write a “blog” on that particular scenario. It may be a positional paper, or it may be a paper that explains both sides of the issue. But, the student must take a position on that scenario and give reasons for that position. This “blog” will be presented in a site for scenario blogs.
   Once students read their assigned scenario, they are to take a position and defend it by at least 3 credible sources (Sports Illustrated and other pop lit magazines are not credible sources). Google Scholar, Sport Discus, and ERIC are reliable resources and are available through the Fresno pacific University library on line services.

Student’s “blogs” should reflect.......

A. An in-depth analysis of the issue

B. The current literature relating to the topic

C. And their analyzing conclusions to the issue as it relates to their personal philosophy.

Potential Technologies (used for this lesson):
1. Moodle- to post/create threaded discussion on students selected controversial scenario.
2. (EBSCOhost) Search Engines- Google Scholar, Sport Discus, and ERIC


  1. Great lesson plan Michael. It addresses an important side of kinesiology that I had never thought about. I really like the research component.

  2. Michael,
    I think it was a good idea to add potential Technologies. I haven't decided on my last technology yet. Will there be a technology objective to this assignment?


  3. Hi Susan,

    I haven’t looked into the technology objective to this assignment as of yet. That’s a good point you bring up. Perhaps a technology objective could potentially be learning to effectively cite references through EBSCOhost?? Thanks for the feedback Susan