Thursday, January 28, 2010

Web 2.0 Awards Lists

After exploring with web 2.0 awards lists I was impressed with what I found. I scrolled down to sports and found (IStats). This is where the light bulb came on in my head. IStats is a fitness program where you can create a workout specifically for your own benefit. In my four years of playing college baseball, I especially wished my coaches had discovered this program while I was still playing. I can see this type of program being effective with accomplishing fitness goals, as well as physically preparing for the duration of the baseball season. So, to give you an example, in baseball there are nine positions in the field. With that being said, each position has it's own specific physical demands. Pitchers, for example need to have a strong trunk, and powerful legs in order to sustain endurance while pitching. As a coach, what I would do, is program a workout routine for pitchers that deals mainly with exercising the legs, and trunk (abs). The same would go for other positions and the demands for their position, and so on. Being in the best shape possible in any athletic sport will make the coaches job that much more easier, and thus, will provide other aspects of coaching such as technical, and tactical skills to be executed properly, knowing that the players will have the right training to perform such tasks.


  1. Good to see you found an application from Web 2.0 you are going to use in your coaching protocol. When your finished creating a workout for a certain position I would like to take a look at it if you do not mind.
    Take Care
    Coach Chris

  2. Coach, as mentioned in the post, I believe this will be such a tremendous instrument in helping ball players improve their overall game. I'm still in the process of developing a regimen for players (pitchers) to follow, as well as showing & explaining to coaches that this will be an effective tool. As soon as I construct the workouts- I will let you know- Michael