Thursday, February 4, 2010

After checking out, it's pleasing to discover a site where I can view all of my favorite sites at one centralized source. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to show another individual a particular site, not remembering what it was called. will save me time, by allowing me to Bookmark that particular site of my interest.

If you have ever coach any sport, you know the amount of time you have to prepare for the next day. By having a site available such as, this will not only be a major time saver, but one can also discover tons of information on any given sport. Which in turn, can formulate ideas on practice plans, strategies, or training. What a great idea to create a centralized source to save Bookmarks on some of your most visited sites, along with some of your favorite books.

On the educational side, I can definitely see this type of technology being used by instructors. Colleagues can use this centralized source to share books/sites relevant to their field. I'm sure as more and more people discover they will see how much of an impact it can potentially have as it relates to their professions

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