Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Professional Networking

With the advancement of technology, I can see why Plaxo and Linkedln can potentially be beneficial in various professions. It seems that the more contacts an individual has, the better opportunities one will create in terms of providing maximum opportunities for employment, networking in a specific field of interest, or receiving additional information to stay up-to-date with the latest news of whats happening in that profession. It also provides the opportunity for job seekers to see a resume of an individual, and their qualifications that can possibly land them an interview. A con when sharing all of this information, is a person might get carried away and provide information that is not needed. The more information an individual provides, means that other contacts will have to read/sort through all of the information provided,and may lose interest or key points only to be overwhelmed by meaningless or pointless information.

A personal website is a great way of others to see your accomplishments, goals, and other types of personal information that you have completed or in the process of working on. One con to having/creating a personal website is others viewing this vital information you provide to the public. Like Coach Wilkins stated in his blog, identity theft is becoming a major problem now days. One has to be careful and really analyse what he or she will be providing especially on a personal website.

Moreover, with all of the ways that technology is advancing, I can see more people using these types of innovated advancements being incorporated to promoting themselves on a more professional level.

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