Thursday, January 28, 2010

Technologies incorporated in my future career

Just about to head into the forth week of this kinesiology graduate program and I have learned an abundance of innovating ways to communicate using the web. From RSS feeds to Web 2.0, there are so many directions explored thus far in this course, I can't wait to see what else lies ahead. With all of these types of technologies being introduced to me, I can really see a need to incorporate some in my future profession as an instructor, and coach at the community college level. I especially was intrigued by Google Docs. Like some other class mates posts, all one really needs is the Internet. I can see this type of technology being harbored by me, as well as the rest of my colleagues within the physical education department. This will promote a strong bond of trust, knowing that the rest of the staff will be reading, and commenting on documents that are vital to the development of the department, not to mention the collaboration of diligent effort. Another major contributor that I will also incorporate in my future profession is blogging. I feel that by having another means of communicating outside of the school setting is a great idea in terms of sharing imperative information, thoughts, and findings from articles that deal with physical education. Also, as a coach it's important to know how other athletics programs are doing around campus, as this is one important aspects stated in chapter 13 (Be an Active School Citizen)-Developing the Physical Education Curriculum.

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