Thursday, January 21, 2010

Technology that interests me

This past week I keep asking myself what types of technology interests me. After pondering for a while it was right in front on my nose. Baseball! This game has advanced so much throughout the years it's astounding to see how players can improve thanks to modern day technology. Take video analysis for example. Players now have the accessibility to view their swing, throwing motion, or fielding if they choose. This enables them to correct or sharpen their skills needed to be more consistent. Imagine if Ted Williams or Joe DiMaggio, had the option to analyze their swing. The results would have been profound!

Another area in which technology in baseball interests me is a term referred by ESPN "The K Zone". This is a type of instrument used by baseball commentators, as well as baseball analysis's to determine if a border line ball (thrown from the pitcher) was actually a strike. This type of technology is used so that the viewers at home can see for them self's how far up, down, away, or inside a pitch may or may not have been.

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  1. The same could apply for basketball. It would be amazing to look at the all time greatest free frow shooter Rick Barry and student the mechanics of shooting a basketball underhand compared to the current and more popular method. To look at a player such as Kareem Abdul Jabber and study the mechanics of an unblockable shot such as the sky hook. It amazes me that today's players will go out an emulate Micheal Jordan jumping from the free throw line to dunk or Allen Iverson's cross over, but they neglect to study players who revloutionized the sport.