Saturday, January 16, 2010

Are californians more physically active then the nation as a whole?

After deciding to attain a higher education as a Kinesiology practitioner , I always wanted to know if we, Californians, are more physically active than the nation as a whole? It's no surprise that many people flock to California for it's consistent weather. However, does this initiate the opportunity to be more physically active?

To find out the latest up to date information regarding this question I encourage you to visit; interactive databases, then state prevalence data for determining prevalence of physical activity patterns in the state of CA, grouped by age, gender, and race. Compare rates in CA to the rest of the country, and see for yourself.

I thought this website can be a useful tool in helping kinesiology practitioners with latest statistics of health information.

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  1. Although I haven't looked at any of the research, I believe that Californians, on average, probably do have a tendency to be more physically active than our sister states. I'm sure weather plays a huge role. With outdoor friendly weather most of the year, Californians ample opportunity for physically active recreational activities.

    On a personal level, my sister moved to Spokane, WA four years ago. As a Californian at heart, she misses the weather where she could go for a run at any time of the year. The idea of being physically active is a lifestyle which she hasn't found in most of the Washington people she encounters.